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We are glad about any event that supports this cause.

What you have to do to join this initiative:

* Add your event to this website!
* Organising your event and advertising for it is entirely your responsibility
* It's totally up to you what kind of event you do. It would be nice if it deals with the topic of „borders“, but again, it is your decision, and only yours!
* You can decide which charity organisation you want to support. It should be a charity you trust, who supports refugees, but we will not check this. (We as initiaters will support „Pro Asyl“, this is one possibility of many.)
* It is your decision, how much money you donate to the charity of your choice. We will not publish any figures, because we do not want to make it a competition of „who's giving the most“. Give what you can and think is appropriate.

How all of us will be connected on March 12th, apart from the knowledge that there are many others doing the same thing at the same time worldwide, will soon be another topic on this website, so please check back with us!

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